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When was the work done?

Barry and his team have done two big projects for us. The first job was adding a new downstairs bathroom which they did in October last year. In May of this work, they did a huge landscaping job in our back garden.

What was involved?

We had a laundry room in an area under the stairs which wasn't that useful to us in terms of space. We wanted to swap it for a downstairs toilet and a smaller laundry room in that space. It was a complicated job in that it involved gas works, plumbing, blocking up a window, electrics, heating, tiling, carpentry. The other job was a complete relandscaping of our back garden. We built a new brick shed with hardcore base, a sitting area and raised beds in red brick.

How did you choose BS Building Services?

A friend from work recommended Barry to me. She said that he was reliable and would always show up to work when he said he would and he did! We were actually looking for someone for at least a year and a half to do the bathroom and we spoke to at least 6 different people about it. A lot of them raised a lot of problems about the work because it would involve moving the gas boiler and and the pipes. Barry was different. Yes, he saw it as a challenge but at the same time, it wasn't a problem. Nothing was ever a problem with Barry.

For the garden project, we just went with Barry because we had a good experience with the bathroom.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Barry Smith?

Yes, for both the bathroom and the garden, we had definite ideas and even pictures of what we wanted.

Did Barry introduce new ideas?

Definitely. For example, for the new understairs toilet, we definitely wanted to fit in a bidet even through it was quite a small space. A lot of the people we talked to said it couldn't be done but Barry researched new combination toilet and sink units which take up a lot less space and manged to fit it all in.

And for the garden, we had a very detailed idea of what we wanted - which included a particular type of paving material. Barry brought a paving specialist to talk to us about our choice of paving and he recommended that we didn't choose that material and he gave us the reasons why it wasn't the best choice for us. After we decided he was right and to go with the stone the specialist recommended, Barry actually came back to us again to confirm that we were OK with that choice. In the end, it turn out great.

How did the project run?

Great. Barry brings in the right person for each job and he's very good at scheduling people. We must have had about 20 different people in for all the different work, and they all gave really good advice. But Barry takes care of everything and we only had to deal with him in the overall sense. A couple of times we said we didn't like some small details, and he brought people in the very next day to change it. If there was a problem he just took care of it. Barry does everything properly - there's no quick fixes. And they were very good at cleaning up after themselves.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using BS Building Services?

What I liked about Barry was that he doesn't try to do everything himself. If he didn't know something or wasn't 100% sure, he would get back to us and he'd usually bring a specialist or an expert to go through the options with us. They all really know their job. We learnt so much from them.

Would you recommend BS Building Services to others?

Definitely, yes.
Paulina Putek
Lucan, Co. Dublin

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Barry is good about finding solutions to problems, not turning small problems into bigger ones like some contractors do.
Mohammed Shirin
Dublin City Centre
We feel Barry went above and beyond for us and can’t thank him enough. I can’t recommend them enough.
Dublin 11
For the level of detail and beautiful finish that the project involved, Barry's quote was very reasonable. It was the best quote I got in fact.
Dr Samir Ali, AL Hussain House, Milltown Bridge, Dundrum, Dublin 14
The county council's architect told me that the work was excellent and the materials were top quality. And Barry was on the end of the phone anytime I wanted him.
Clondalkin, Dublin 22
Barry does everything properly - there's no quick fixes.
Paulina Putek
Lucan, Co. Dublin
It was all good. I wanted the project to be done by October and Barry handed us the keys on the 1st of October.
Alan, Dublin
The biggest benefit for me was that Barry didn't over promise and under deliver, he delivered. He got the job done, within the budget and on time. Basically, he did what it says on the tin.
Edel Giblin, A NU U, Clonee Dublin 15