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When was the work done?
In January or February of 2019.

What was involved?
BS Building Services added an invalid bathroom to the downstairs of the house by adding on a small extension. I was doing the work through the grant

How did you choose BS Building Services?
We were getting an adaptation grant from South Dublin County Council for the work. I had got a couple of quotes but the council accountant told me they were very high. So I want online one morning, did a search for builders that do work for South Dublin County Council and BS Building Services came up. Barry was the first one I rang - he was very courteous on the line. I told him I was under time pressure and he said don;t worry, I'll work out something with you and I'll make sure you get it done to your satisfaction. Then he came back with the right quote. I submitted it to the council and they were happy with it. So we were able to start with it straight away.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Barry Smith?
I had to get plans drawn up by an architect for the council and the occupational therapist had given instructions as well. So I handed that all over to Barry

Did Barry introduce new ideas?
We needed to get the bathroom finished as quickly as possible. I left it all up to Barry. But every step of the way, Barry was telling me what he was doing and what he was going to do.

How did the project run?
I couldn't believe it. The first fellow told me he would take 3 months to do it. Barry had it all done in about 6 weeks. And it was all done to the specifications of the council and the occupational therapists report. The county council's architect told me that the work was excellent and the materials were top quality. And Barry was on the end of the phone anytime I wanted him.

I left him with the keys to the house and I found Barry and all of the people with him very trustworthy as well. One of his people he used did let dust into the main part of the house one day but I got straight onto Barry and he told me he would deal with that which he did.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using BS Building Services?
I would say the fact that I felt that ease when I met him, and continued to feel it all the way through. Barry is very approachable, very mannerly. He'd check if there anything I wanted or did I want him to change anything or anything else he could do. He wasn't all about sticking to what was agreed. He wanted to make sure I was happy - I was fully at ease with him.

Would you recommend BS Building Services to others?
I have already!

Clondalkin, Dublin 22

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Barry is good about finding solutions to problems, not turning small problems into bigger ones like some contractors do.
Mohammed Shirin
Dublin City Centre
We feel Barry went above and beyond for us and can’t thank him enough. I can’t recommend them enough.
Dublin 11
For the level of detail and beautiful finish that the project involved, Barry's quote was very reasonable. It was the best quote I got in fact.
Dr Samir Ali, AL Hussain House, Milltown Bridge, Dundrum, Dublin 14
The county council's architect told me that the work was excellent and the materials were top quality. And Barry was on the end of the phone anytime I wanted him.
Clondalkin, Dublin 22
Barry does everything properly - there's no quick fixes.
Paulina Putek
Lucan, Co. Dublin
It was all good. I wanted the project to be done by October and Barry handed us the keys on the 1st of October.
Alan, Dublin
The biggest benefit for me was that Barry didn't over promise and under deliver, he delivered. He got the job done, within the budget and on time. Basically, he did what it says on the tin.
Edel Giblin, A NU U, Clonee Dublin 15